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Zefoxe - Photo Scavenger Hunt

01. You/your car at a famous landmark/place
02. Eating at your favorite restaurant
03. You in a country other than your own

04. Tag a car with a NST/YW business card (you in the reflection)
05. You doing a push up in front of a Starbucks (any coffee house will do)
06. You or your car with a statue in the picture

07. You shaking hands with a Toyota salesperson at the Dealership
08. You driving your car either behind or beside a cop car without being pulled over.
09. Your car amongst a sea other cars (a la Where is Waldo)

10. Your car with the weirdest thing you transported (yourself not included)
11. Your car parked next to another one like it (Hatch and Hatch, Sedan and Sedan, xB and xB.... etc)
12. You or your car next to an exotic/high end car

13. You and your car near a body of water (pool's can count)

14. Your car suffering your local weather conditions

15. Your car next to the same model with a different modifications (modded vs stock)

16. Picture that looks like your holding your car in your hands
17. Picture where the moon is visible
18. Your car with a spare tire on it
19. Pic of your car getting dirty
20. your car hiding behind a bigger car (show both sides) in a parking lot
21. You/your car next to a lawn jockey or garden gnome
22. Picture of you/your car next to a beer/soda truck
23. You/your car in the parking lot of a sports stadium (Pro/semi-pro/college/high school)
24. Picture of how many people can fit in your car at once
25. You with hood open, wheel off or feet sticking out from under working on the car. Greasy hands a plus!

26. You showing weird stuff besides drinks you keep in the cup holders!
27. You parked next to a smart or Mini (a car or trike smaller than your car) to illustrate how BIG your car really is!
28. Picture of you with Domo in the car (or any stuffed critter of your choice)

29. Pic of your car going through automatic car wash
>This will never happen... lol<
30. Pic of your car next to a rival car (fit, aveo, etc..)
31. A picture of You and your car from the air

32. Pic of car towing a mega trailer (back up to a trailer and take the picture at an angle that looks like you are towing it)
33. Pic of car up on a lift getting serviced/modified
34. Pic of car with something removed for modification - eg, front bumper, side view mirror cover
35. Pic of car in a completely empty parking lot

36. You and your car in a reflection
37. Your car "dressed up" with a costume or decoration (use your imagination)
38. Picture of a live animal in or next to your car
39. You/your car on a bridge
40. Picture with your Hood, Doors and Hatch/Trunk wide open

Coming 2010: Toyota iSt CK edition (CooperKiller) stay tuned

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