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Old 01-16-2017, 12:30 AM   #1
Chip Whitley
Drives: 2007 Auto Hatchback
Join Date: Jan 2017
Location: Locust Grove, VA
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Just bought a 2007 Yaris hatchback and have some questions

I recently bought a used 07 auto Yaris hatchback with 165,000 miles and while I've really been enjoying the car, I have two concerns that I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me with. The first is that I don't feel I'm going as fast as the odometer shows. What I mean is that even when I'm going 60-65mph on a 55mph road, it "feels" like I'm going 40mph and there's always a ton of traffic behind me just itching to pass. My other vehicle used to be a Ford Ranger pickup so I'm not sure if going from a truck to a car just feels different at faster speeds or not.

Finally, the car randomly seems underpowered. I know it's not a rocket ship obviously, but certain times the Yaris simply feels faster than other times. One day I'll get in it and barely touch the gas and it will take off really quickly and get up to speed in a snap and other times it seems really sluggish to get going. Did any of that make any sense? I'm sorry if it didn't, but I'd really appreciate any advice you guys can offer.

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