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Drives: 06 2ZR Turbo Yaris RS
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2ZR Turbo Yaris

Because I tend to plunge foolishly headlong into things without really thinking, and I always feel compelled to mess with stuff, I just purchased the 2009+ Corolla (2ZR) Turbo kit. I don't expect to start this project for another month, or at least until my unheated garage is hospitable to work in.

Here is the kit:

I know that there will be folks that regard this as a bad idea; a risky proposition, but I'm forging forth. It will stretch my mechanical skills to the nth degree, it will be scary, frustrating and exciting at times. I am aware of the inherent risks associated with this project and I am willing to accept them. I think I've read every post in the forced Induction forum a few times - well maybe a little exaggeration.

Although I have been doing extensive reading and still have much to learn, I have been doing a LOT of research on turbocharged applications, turbos, management, wiring, internal wastgates and actuators, fuel flow, AFRs, wideband sensors, detonation, preignition, fuel mapping, MAF clamping, timing, intercoolers, piping, BOVs etc. I have also been talking fairly extensively with the good folks at Very helpful and knowledeable guys, that are in the business of retailing performance parts.

Turbo/Manifold Fitment: It appears that there is enough room between the head and firewall to accommodate the turbo. Modifications may be necessary. I'm mildly concerned about the proximity of the turbo turbine to the stock ECU and there may be some adaptations needed for the existing A/C lines. I guess all will be revealed once I try to mount the turbo!

Engine: I am fairly confident that my relatively new engine will handle a very mild boost of 6 - 7 psi as the unmodified (afaik) 2ZR Lotus Elise has a 6+ psi supercharger and produces around 217 HP. My goal would be close to, or less than that.

Transmission: The transmission may be another story. From what I gather (unconfirmed) though, the U340E (Yaris auto) and U341E (Corolla auto, Celica GT) are essentially the same transmisson with the exception of a difference in final drive ratio. The turbokits guys feel that the u340E should be safe up to close to 230 crank hp and have said that there are 1ZZ-powered Celica GTs out there with this transmission that are effectively running 250 hp without mechanical issues. I have doubts about this myself - certainly for any longevity of the transmission. Regardless, I plan to treat the car respectfully - no 0-60 WOT pulls, burnouts or brakestands - will rarely have much payload and certainly won't tow anything. One very knowledgeable YW member termed the u340E as "fairly robust".

Fueling: Fueling is another concern although the turbokits guys feel I should be fine. The only good specs I could find on pumps for the Yaris and Corolla applications are from Delphi (not sure who actually makes the pump in my car - maybe Denso? and neither could the Toyota dealer tell me). Delphi rates, believe it or not, the Yaris at 44 psi, 29 gl/hr, and the Corolla at 44psi, 26 gl/hr and, if memory serves me correctly, both pumps have 5/16" outlets. It's a bit confusing however as the Yaris' pump is rated at 4 amps and the Corolla at 6 amps. Flow rates are probably "free flow", so not sure how valuable those number are. I've been using this calculator below, but I definitely have more work to do. The esteemed, yet unnamed, YW member to whom I referred earlier also stated that the Yaris fuel pump is good up to about 10 psi of boost, of course that's on a 1NZ, not a 2ZR. So, maybe 6 -7 pounds with the 2ZR is achievable, but I suspect it would be risky, especially at the higher fuel/air ratio needed for cooling at the top end of my boost level.

Engine Management Wiring: I have created diagrams of the wiring [Crank, Cams (intake and exhaust), injectors, MAF, AFR etc] that I believe are appropriate for the AEM FIC (30-1910) 'piggyback' and would post them if anyone is interested and/or willing to weigh in on my proposed wiring. DBW would be controlled by the stock ECU and according to the tuner I've been speaking with, likely the timing could also be handled by the stock ECU.

FMIC, intercooler and charge piping: Since the Corolla is obviously dimensionally greater, I'm reasonably confident - after extensive exploration of the yaris engine bay - that I can adapt the piping to fit the Yaris with a small array of couplers, T-clamps, a chop saw and my soon-to-be-homemade bead roller tool.

Engine Cooling: From what I've read here at YW, low boost applications in the Yaris (with the 1NZ) are acceptable for the stock cooling system. An upgraded fan may be necessary, maybe even a radiator upgrade. For a brief moment, I consider meth injection and a non-intercooler setup. Anyway, I guess all will become apparent when tuning. I also have the ability to monitor several sensors via OBD2 and my torque app on my 7" touchscreen. Some of the sensors include: Boost/manifold presure, AFR, STFT, LTFT, injector pulse width (not duty cycle, but the FIC software can read and display this via my laptop), engine coolant temp. I will look toward purchasing and installing oil pressure and oil temp gauges.

Exhaust: Who knows. This will be completed by the outfit that will ultimately tune the car. I expect that it will involve hacking up my new and existing xD midpipe, increasing the tubing to probably 2.25" - 2.5" pipe from resonator back to my Megan axleback.

So, this is my planned project, crazy or not. I did some research before coming on YW and this is partially because I want to look - at least a little bit - like I've thought this through and maybe more importantly, because I so greatly respect many YW members and specifically those who helped me as I muddled through my engine swap. Some of these guys might be shaking their heads as they read this post, but I sure hope they are interested enough in this project to 'get involved' and offer advice and constructive criticism as needed. Of course, if I've missed anything critical from the get-go, please jump right in and let me know.

The kit:


2006 Yaris 5 Door RS 2ZR-FE (2011 Corolla 1.8L) Swapped, Automatic, T-28 Turbocharged (8 psi), HSD MonoPro Coilovers, DIY W/M Injection, custom 3" cold air intake, custom 2.5" exhaust, TRD rear sway bar, Penguin Garage 13mm spacers (rear), custom Civic front lip, full repaint, Android 6.0 7" touchscreen, Rockford Fosgate speakers, tweeters, NVX underseat subwoofer

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