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Turbo Echo - The False Prophet

About bloody time... 1nz-fe+t

This is a look at the process the I went through to turbo charge my 2000 Toyota Echo.

She started out as a dead stock base model. No cd player, no fog lights, no power steering, not even power windows. The lack of power theme continued with the 1.3L 2nz. Something had to change.

The usual 'P' plater mods took place. Stereo, sub, led's, hectic cannon, chrome spray paint, wheels, more led's, the list goes on. With the help of some mates I grew out of that phase, and then began the process of "converting" her into a sportivo (TSport/RS). Coilovers should have been first on my to do list and I would have much preferred them over any amount of underglow or bass. But I got around to it.

The thirst for power was on the rise. She took to mountain runs like a fish to water, and was always on the heals of those more suited to the handling of sharp turns and bends. But it was all fun and games until we'd approach an incline.. My god, didn't that separate the wheat from the chaff. I could actually feel my heart sinking with my right foot, as I pressed it to the floor. It had to go. I knew I would eventually replace the 2nz with a 1nz, but at the time I felt as though it would still lack the power/torque I was after. So I explored a few options. The 2zz was center stage in my quest. And I ( being a cheap bastard) of course wanted to get away with doing most of the work myself. Which immediately put that idea off the table due to the extensive labor costs. That kind of work would require a much more knowledgeable and skilled person than me anyway. So being the easier and most cost effective option, I decided the 1nz was the way to go. But only on the condition that I would turbo it.

My plan was to put in a stock 1nz, turbo it, drop in a built 1nz, make 250+hp atw, troll v8's. So after reading the forums strenuously about the do's and don'ts, I started to acquire parts. Forged rods and pistons (9:1), stiffer valve springs, fuel rail, injectors, C160 gearbox (for the lsd goodness), upgraded clutch and obviously a turbo kit. I wanted to install those parts and build the motor myself but I was way out of my depth. So as test I thought I'd completely pull apart a stock 1nz and rebuild it. While I was in there I thought of little tings that can go along way to reduce engine detonation and to help increase efficiency and power output. So I polished the combustion chambers and smoothed and polished the intake and exhaust runners. I have some videos on youtube which outline this process:

The 2nz was out and the rebuilt 1nz in it's place. The clutch took some time to get used to, but over all she ran great. It was slightly quicker but still didn't satisfy my desires. 2,500 trouble free kilometers later I attempted to install a zage turbo kit. I'm not entirely sure if the kit I bought was intended to be installed on the ncp10/13 or the later yaris. But I can only assume it was, because there was major fitment issues around the shift linkages. After few profanities and a couple of brittos I decided to go for a custom set up. Yes, that meant talking to legitimate fabricators and being laughed at, yes that meant someones hands on my pride and joy other than my own and yes.. it meant more money.
I finally found a skilled fabricator who didn't laugh at the idea of a turbo charged Echo and was quite reasonably priced. With the turbo and intercooler supplied by me, I was getting him to fab up a side mount manifold (to suit a td04), dump pipe, exhaust system and intercooler piping. However the time frame we discussed wasn't met and a one week turn around escalated into two months. At this point only half the work was completed. I still needed a dump pipe, exhaust system and cold side intercooler piping. I decided to take her elsewhere. I dodgied up some of the i/c piping form the zage kit and found the cheapest exhaust shop to finish the work off. WARNING DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON FABRICATION. I knew it would be a little rough, but this was just plain disgusting. I had plenty of issues with it, but the one I discovered last was the most frustrating. The muffler rubs on the spring in the rear. It's a relatively easy fix but in saying that, the problem should have never arose.

In order to have the turbo mounted in this position on a right hand drive ncp10/12/13 requires a few things:

- Battery relocation
- Clutch line rerouting
- Fuel line rerouting
- A/C delete or reroute (I managed to keep mine)
- Charcoal canister delete or reroute (I've deleted mine for now)
- Brake booster vacuum line rerouting
- Heater hose rerouting

I had a feeling that I might face some lag issues with the td04. So when I dropped her off, I asked for my Go Fast Bits ebc to be wired in to help the standard actuator keep shut to help boost come on a little earlier. That of course didn't get done and was tuned to the standard wastegate pressure. At the time I never paid any attention to the psi that the td04's actuator would fully open up. HUGE oversight. In the back of my mind I must have gotten mixed up with my tf035 (spring set to 5-6psi) and how the actuators could be interchangeable and how I could swap them over if I was scared of how much boost it was running. Either way the td04 is set to 8psi and that's how I've nervously left it.

For engine management I went for a Haltech Sprint 500. Which will be fine for the low boost stock motor as well as the forged power house that will follow.

So at 8psi how much horse power should I be making at the wheels? 150? 165? 175?? 180???
Well... The tuner (At 8psi and 2zz injectors) managed 160hp/120kw atw and 230nm torque at the flywheel. Honestly I was hoping for 140-150hp at around 6-7psi, so at 8psi, should I be happy with that? I'm not yet convinced. I don't know how the compressor map of the td04 compares to the other turbos that everyone else runs on their 1nz's, though I'm sure something else may have been able to net me more bower at that boost level. Either that or maybe I did more harm than good with my smooth and polish. Could also be the uneven length manifold come to think of it.

I have read some lengthy threads since, and have found a few options I may look into. Feel free to chime in and set me straight on the topic though. The end goal is to see 250-275atw. And I'd love for that power to me accessible in 3rd/4th with no down shifting and without too much lag. "Usable" is the term I'm looking for.

Anyway.. I don't see full boost till around 4.5k which is epic for launching from a stand still and when I have the revs up. But I want to see that 8psi at 3-3.5k so I'm going to hook up the ebc and have a fiddle myself.. Hopefully it doesn't throw out the tune too much..

Before I do that though I'm going to run her down the quarter and focus on cooling as I'm still using the stock radiator. That, and troll people.

Ive had a lot of excited 'P' platers breaking their necks when I let off throttle and some nervous evos pull up beside me with looks of disbelief and joy. Some people hear it, look at me, then continue to look around for the source of the dose. I don't think it will ever get old. Keep in mind the Echo (The False Prophet) at this stage is in ultimate sleeper form. By that I mean it has re-banded (wider) steelies with standard hub caps on. I haven't gone to the extreme of putting the standard body kit back on. Not that a massive 'sssSSSttu tu tu tu' is to be expected form a little Echo hatchback anyway.. Its is such a fun car to drive and it leaves me smiling for hours after I shut her down.

I really interested in peoples feed back on what I have done so far and maybe some advise for the future build as well. Especially in regards to power output and turbo size on our little 1nz.

Boosted Build:
Boosted Drive:

Thanks for reading/watching :)
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One day when the money is right I would love to do this! I've also kept my car as stock as possible and as is it drives "allright".. heck, even 160 sounds better than the earth shattering 86hp of my 2NZ -.-

I know the pain of going cheaper and having stuff go wrong and suckish haha, life lessons learned :D But your ride looks sweet, moar pics!!
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Definitely a thread i'll be following...looking forward to future mods
No one ever wants to give a Yaris the point by...
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Need more pictures..
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Need more pictures..
It would take too long.

I did post a link to my youtube channel which is dedicated to my project....
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You want 250+ to the wheels you will need a solid tune pushing at least 13-15psi.

You will need solid flow on both the intake and exhaust sides so be looking to at least a 63mm TB and an intake mani that has been optimized for it. I would suggest 2.5" for the exhaust. Full fuel system upgrade with return so fuel pump, standalone fpr, return style fuel rail.

You pretty much will always be downshifting to get into the powerband at that point and will not have over 220whp at your disposal in 5th, possibly even 4th as the 1:1 gear is 3rd.

Cooling is a valid concern. Look at the 90-92 civic ex 3 core rads as a decent upgrade. You can pick them up on eBay for under 100 bucks with a fan. The bottom of them mounts pretty clean and you just have to fab a top mount to hold it in place using the built in pin on the top of the rad.

A tubular turbo manifold would be preferred, but a log style can support 250, but personally due to back pressure created by the design I wouldn't go much more than that.

Make sure all your lines are braided and use the lines with flexible hoses. Don't cheap out on the fittings either.

These are just a few quick items. Your biggest concern will be $$$ because getting to 250+ isn't a cheap goal with the 1nz.

Cheap won't be reliable. Reliable and fast isn't cheap.

Best of luck.

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Drives: toyota echo sportivo
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hey man, are you in sydney australia? ive got a boosted echo sportivo.
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Sportivoecho, I'm in Brisbane. Tell me about yours, what turbo? Psi? Power output? 1/4 times?

Have you gotten around to installing the walbro? I have one, but have been baulking at it :/
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Drives: toyota echo sportivo
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Location: Australia
Posts: 36

im running the zage kit, it was really simple to install i just had to cut some of the pipes ahort and reweld a lip on them. im running an EMS stinger 4 for the ecu and its working absoloutely fine. ive been running 10 psi which i probably should be haha but wrx's are constantly embarassed on the road. its definately worth it man you ahould absoloutely go ahead with it.

ive got the 1zz injectors at the moment, running standard pump its keeping up ao far but im building a forged engine for it at the moment, molnar rods and wiseco pistons. im really dreading the after market fuel pump install man .

but if you run the zage kit, you can tun 8psi boost which the standard pump ahould handle, you will need 1zz injectors which are straight fit. let me know if i can help in anyway.
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When are you going to covert to the C160?
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Drives: toyota echo sportivo
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oh man that would be awesome,im just trying to focus on the engine build at the moment, a 6 speed would be a great addition to the build
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Drives: '05 6-Spd Vitz RS
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I thought I read you had gotten a C160 or was that just part of your wish list? :-)
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what kind of lag/boost response do you get with the td04?
(sorry for kicking the dust of such an old thread)
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