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Anyone using Greddy Emanage Ultimate?!

Just curious to find out how many fellow members boosted are running E-Manage Ultimate?

I'm looking into changing out my AEM FI/C for a new piggy back and Greddy seems to be my next possible option...Not sure if there are any additional sensors that may need to get replaced to work with the E-Manage or any additional supplement harnesses from Greddy are needed for the Yaris.

Reason being is that I have a bit of online research and found 2 companies that make PnP harnesses for the Emanage.

1. boomslang makes one but has optional wiring as follows:
- IAT + Coolant temp
- Knock sensor + Coolant temp
- Knock sensor + IAT

2. Nengun "T26" harness is PnP but does not give any option for optional wiring like boomslang.

Just want to find out from anyone else who maybe using the Emanage Ultimate setup (boosted) on their Yaris to see if I might be missing anything if I order say a PnP harness + piggyback.


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Hi, it seems that according to, its the T12 harness with part number
15910912 that you should be looking at.


After more searching this is what i found with the T26 harness.

Brand: Trust GReddy
Product : E-Manage Ultimate Kit
Harness : T-26
Part Num. : 15510502
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