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Using a variable resistor (potentiometer) as a throttle switch for blitz supercharger

I have a blitz supercharger and I do a lot of highway driving. I didnít like how the supercharger kicked on when I barely touched the gas trying to maintain steady highway speed in the low setting and the mid setting seemed to kick the supercharger on too late for my liking. For example if the low setting kicks on at 5% throttle and the mid is 50% throttle I wanted it to kick in at 15% or 20% so that when im on the throttle just maintaining highway speed itís off and kicks on if I push just a little farther. So looking at the throttle controller switch I saw it was just a bunch of resistors. So I thought maybe if I buy a potentiometer I can fine tune the throttle switch like a volume knob on a stereo so i can control when the supercharger kicks on infinitely. So I bought a 5k ohm potentiometer and wired it up. It has 3 prongs middle wire is yellow and the other 2 are black and red. It works great and Iím really able to fine tune when the supercharger kicks on just like a volume knob. Itís a little sensitive (a small turn makes a big change) so maybe I should have went with a 3k ohm one instead but I just wanted to set it and not mess with it so it works for me. Just thought Iíd share.
Sorry I donít have a way to host pics. 😞
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