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The front brake upgrade thread - just the facts

Okay so along with my engine swap, I also upgraded my front brakes.

[Picture coming]

Edit: You will not be able to use anything smaller than a 15" rim if you do this!! Still gotta check to see if the 15" steel rim will clear. I am thinking it should.

I first saw this done in Enviri's thread. I figured I would make an official post about this so newcomers can see a quick good options for upgrades, for cheap.

Our cars don't need a ton of braking power, but a little more will never hurt.
Big brake kits are $$$$ and can be counterproductive for our cars. We really don't want a lot more rotational weight. It can be tough to fit wheels. Cost.

Using the Yaris SE front rotors and calipers from a xD/Corolla are perfect upgrade.

It takes us from 255mm to 275mm.

A bit more surface area to grab, and slightly bigger rotor and caliper also really fills out the wheel nicely.

Pics courtesy of Enviri:

So here is the parts list:
Yaris SE front rotors: 43512-52130 x2 (I used OEM, I don't think I found A/M of these)
Corolla/xD Caliper RH: 47730-12A10 (I used cardone 19-B3435)
Corolla/xD Caliper LH: 47750-12A10 (I used cardone 19-B3434)
Pads: 04465-02220 (xD number, corolla use a different pn I believe, but will work also. I used Magneti Marelli from my work. They are $76.00 and come with all the hardware. Work awesome, too.)
Enviri used Hawk pads (HB627 Z.690 - made for Scion xB/xD & 09+ Toyota Corolla / Matrix / Rav4)
Brake fluid.

So if you shop right you can probably do this for around $500. I waited until I really needed brake to help justify the costs, since I was gonna buy pads and rotors anyways.

That is it as far as base needs.

Here are parts I recommend to get the most out of this. (Really not a bad idea, for longevity and if you vehicle has lots of miles.)

Stainless steel braided lines. I bought mine from Microimage. A good idea if your vehicle has a lot of miles. I live in PA so the winters are rough here to. Replacing the old rubber lines is never a bad idea. Fronts for about $60. Full set for about $120. I did the rears at the same times since I was already making a mess.
braided lines.jpg
The other thing I would recommend would be some good caliper paint. I used G2 system, from Tirerack. It is a two part epoxy paint, and it is fantastic. Much easier to do now, before everything is installed. About $40 shipped. Worth the looks and protection, IMHO.

Please excuse my messiness. I also coated the rotor hats, and edges.

So here comes the best part. These bolt right on.

Tool list:
Rachet and sockets.
Sockets: [double checking sizes]
Wrench: 8mm for the bleeders
Breaker bar will be useful
Possibly a 1/2" impact to loosen the caliper bolts
Catch container for brake fluids

Just take off your old calipers, pads, rotors and put these on.

Whether you just replace front calipers, or do braided lines the whole way around, you will need to bleed the brakes.

If you just did calipers, then start with the passenger side when you bleed them
If you did lines the whole way around start with the passenger rear, then the drivers rear, passenger front, and finally the drivers front. I went around again just for good measure.

How to bleed brakes:

You will need another person to help with this. You will have the person in the car pump the brake pedal up and hold it while you crack open the bleeder. Once fluid slows down coming out, then you close the bleeder. Repeat this until the fluid comes out without bubbles, before moving onto the next bleeder.

My bleeders were 8mm. I recommend a wrench here for ease of quick opening and closing.

Weight comparison courtesy of Enviri:

Yaris rotor 8lbs
Yaris SE rotor 10lbs
Yaris caliper 13lbs
Corolla caliper 15lbs

So for rotating mass there's a 4lbs increase and in overall car weight its 8lbs

[more updates and pictures coming]

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