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DIY For radios that require attaching a wire to parking brake

First off, no pics. Sorry. I took it apart twice and now i'm lazy. Soooo.... for those of you have a radio that requires a wire to be attached to the parking brake, (auto trans, though I don't know if it makes a difference) do not fret. No bypass or switches neccessary! Removal of the middle conslole to get to the wire is simple.

1) Unplug battery, just in case
2) Unscrew the shifter knob
3) Pull up the parking brake all the way
4) Now take off the rubber boot at the bottom of the brake. It already has a slit in the top. Just pull it apart and slide the whole thing up the brake lever.
5) Pop off the cover where the aux switch, window switch, fog light, or whaterver you may have is. Don't have to unplug anything, just pop it out of the middle console
6) The cup holder in the back has a piece of carpet in the bottom, lift it out to reveal a bolt. The bolt requires a 10mm socket. You will need an extension so you can get to it. Unbolt it and set it aside.
7) The only thing holding on the center console is two tabs in the front, on the floor. Just grab both the front bottom corners and lift up.
8) Before you completely lift up the whole thing, feed the accessory switch cover that we removed earlier through its opening. Now you should be able to lift the whole thing up, (well, its a slight back and up) and set it aside.
9) In front of the brake you will see the single yellow wire that feeds into the brown switch. Unplug it.
10) The wire is wrapped in a plastic tube. Untape the tape that is wrapped around it, pull the yellow wire out and attach your wire to the yellow wire.
11) Plug the yellow wire back into the switch.
12) Place the console back over the middle and feed the litte aux panel back up through the console.
13) Once you have it lined up, just press down in the middle of the front and you will feel it clip back into place.
14) Screw in the bolt in the cup holder.
15) Reinstall the rubber boot back on the parking brake lever. (Note, when you get it to the bottom there is a small ring around the bottom of the parking brake handle. This is where you push the top of the rubber boot around)
16) Reinstall the little aux panel.
17) Screw on the shift knob
18) Attach the battery
19) Sit back and enjoy a DVD

Again, sorry for no pics. I tried to make the instructions more thorough so pics would not be neccessary. I'll be happy to answer any questions.

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