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I've made a post!
Drives: 2007 Vitz 4WD (JPN)
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New Member with a Rarer Vitz / Yaris in JPN

Hi Yaris / Vitz enthusiasts:

I am a Canadian who has lived in Japan for many years.

I have worked on cars and motorcycles since I was a teenager — that's over four decades. I don't pretend to be expert, but sometimes I had to earn my meals with my tool chest. It was hard work and often a very rough go. There was no internet to get information — only the library and Childen's manuals.

Recently my brother-in-law gave my wife a 2007 Vitz, an all-wheel-drive, 4WD, Vitz ... otherwise known as a Yaris in other precincts.

It was formally a 'Japan East Railroad' rental vehicle — perhaps mostly rented out to travel Fukushima — the site of the world's most appaling nuclear disasters — STILL ongoing! (One of the reasons that I want to change out the cabin filter ASAP.)

The machine has about 144,000 Km on it. By law, the timing belt was changed out at 100,000 Km. I do not read Japanese very well. And my Japanese wife does not really understand the service records — such as they are.

I have many questions and I hope some information to share. Some of these machines may have traveled far via resale to Russia and Eastern Europe.

According to what I have read on this forum and others, this 4WD car is not very common. Even in Japan, I do not see many of them.

Lest any member wonder why this machine is here: Japan is a very mountainous country. Many roads are closed in the winter due to huge snowfalls and avalanches. 70-75% of Japan is Taiga forest and mountainous terrain. For many townsfolk and villagers, 4WD is necessary for transportation in the winter and early spring months. All manufacturers in Japan produce a 4WD version of many of their models.

I belong to other forums — older motorcycles, vintage audio, vintage racing bicycles — maybe you get the drift. Older! I am rather "out of date".

The Vitz brings me to a new world of automotive — electronics. Chips that control so much of the machine.

Moreover, much of the information I can dredge up is unclear, ambiguous, contradictory or just missing.

For example: the transmission in this machine is not a Constant Velocity Drive (CVT). It is a three speed trans driving a drive shaft to a rear differential. Different.

I read Japanese very poorly. It is driving me crazy trying to know what to do with this Toyota machine. Mrs Wife is committed to driving it for at least another TEN years. Notably: we have driven a Honda "Logo" (precursor to the Fit /Joy ... whatever) for over 20 years — very economically. (I have managed its career, and it is still in excellent mechanical condition.)

In Japan, very good used cars have no resale value. The Japanese — even in these hard times — pay to throw cars away that in other countries would be repaired by "shade tree mechanics" (like I used to be) and resold — or fiddled with by car lots and sold with a 60-90 day warranty.

So, my new friends, I will be asking for your ideas and opinions, as well as hopefully offering advice and what knowledge I have accumulated over some years to help less experienced car owners. I believe I can at least help or guide some people. I do not want to just take .....


RE: automatic transmission oil and filter change out — when and how often?
RE: Read diff hypoid oil change when and how often?

One piece of advice to any new Yaris / Vitz owner ... or any other Toyota people : do not let any "quick oil change garage" tell you that the blue or green coolant is the same stuff as the PINK coolant that is in your Toyota. It isn't! It is a different chemistry. The blue stuff will work, but be prepared to change it out much more frequently.

Best regards to all and all hopes for good discussions.

Lorne / Metrella
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Drives: Vitz RS
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Welcome to the forum. I wonder how a 4wd vitz would be when built for 250whp? Btw I have a JDM 2007 Vitz RS.
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