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Old 04-19-2020, 11:06 PM   #1
Drives: 2007 Yaris Hatchback "Sirona"
Join Date: Mar 2019
Location: Northeast U.S.
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Newish Yaris Owner.

Hello to all,

I am the owner of a 2007 Base 5 Spd. Bayou Blue Hatchback that i bought with 278,xxx miles....purchased in 2018. I was intended as a beater roundabout since I am originally a motorcycle guy but the Car bug bit me as hard as anyone else. Small cars are the closest in nimble ability to a motorcycle so things like Touge and twisty roads are a natural draw. Coming from the austerity of a motorcycle the base model doesnt make me feel bad. Although I want Bluetooth.

For such high milleage it has negligible surface rust at most that i have been attacking when i find it. Given that its a Northeast car. Given how little attention outside of hardcore autocross guys give it i find it a roomier tho slower alternative to a Civic (EK/EG/EF) without the absolute terror of car thieves.

So far i have managed to get most of the Mod#0 ( Maintenance ) done to the car.
-New Toyota OEM Battery connections
-Clean MAF and regular filter changes ( intake & cabin)
-new discs pads and drums and pads,
-fixed e-brake with new cables( it was causing a pulsating vibration when braking)
-FULL INTERIOR Clean since it was a Mechanic special car.
-Brake, Gearbox (OEM Toyota 75W90), and Oil Flush ( Penzoil Platinum High Mileage w/ Bosch filters)
-Replaced front bumper
-Kosei RT 15x6.5 (+38 offset, same as stock) Rims. (rare ish discontinued model)
-Using Hankook Kinergy and Radials still on daily (185/60-15)
-Headlight restoration kit on the front lights. \
-Tanabe Medallion Catback Muffler ( OEM MUFFLER disintegrated with rust)
-Touch up on paint scratches ( in progress)
-Micro Image Short shifter kit ( not yet installed, the silicone bushing is rusted stuck)
-New Slave Cylinder ( old one is rusted stuck, yet functioning )
-Debadged outside Toyota Logos
-AC Clutch ( not yet fixed)

So far the car has proven insanely tough and reliable. now i have it at over 303,XXX miles and running like a clock still. Unless i can get an FRS/BRZ/GT86 or some other cool amazing car. or heaven forbid a crash. this will be my daily/ project car for the foreseeable future.

I had some mods in mind, some reasonable and other rather misguided.

The more attainable and reasonable mods in mind at the moment are:

-Tires (205/55-r15 best for it size, probably Hankook ,Falken or any suggested)
-New Struts/Shocks ( either KYB or Bilstein)
-New Springs ( Tein, tho they are out of stock atm or Tanabe ) lower than stock 1.5 max drop.
-Strutbar (Tanabe or alternative)
-Swaybar ( either the TRD or Whiteline)

-Rear Disc conversion kit
-New Clutch
-new midpipes
-improved headers.

-Painted or new improved bumpers.
-new inner bumper.
-Side skirts
-mud flaps ( not installed yet)
-short antenna
-new windshield
-JDM Lights
-Vitz badges to replace the Toyotas
-Hella (or double horns)

-New Scion or upgraded Pioneer OEM Toyota Radio Unit. ( i want the GT86 one)
-New Front Seats, Sparco or NRG
-Rubber Mat, WeatherTech

The more mental and franken-mods were inspired by both Harvey Duncan on YT , Armstrong Racing, and a few other in this site to make such a fun small vehicle and somehow keep it still reliable. No gutted interiors it will remain a 5 seater. A Scion xD is the sibling car to a yaris and can be Canibalized or Diablorized ( VTM much) into each other. for parts.

-xD Torsion Bar, slightly wider than the Yaris to allow a wider stance while on the same size rims.
-slight front end correction ( had a slight snow misshap and need to correct the front bumper a bit)
-Either Blitz Supercharger kit or Engine swap ( Blitz is out of production so acquiring one will be difficult) and more expensive than an engine swap/ purchasing engine
-2ZR-FE from either a Corolla or Scion xD. with the proper accoutrements. Especially if the current 1NZ dies ( not likely with my TLC)
-with the 2ZR maybe a Rotrex Supercharger ( i've been ensnared by the banshee wail of a supercharger more than a turbo)
-6 Speed Swap perhaps ala Armstrong Racing.
-Coilovers if the KYB/Bilsteins cant handle it.

There isnt a time limit since this is at the moment my daily so most likely the mental mods may never come. But i'll see and keep learning as I go.

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new owner, yaris

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