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Yaris Firesale - Entire Car, Turbo Kit, Body Kit +++ Ohio

Posting up for a friend ( ChinoCharles). If you are interested you can PM me and I can get you in touch with the party otherwise you might know how to do so already. His thread can also be seen on MI for those interested ( Yaris-Firesale-Entire-Car-Turbo-Kit-Body-Kit ), but here is the jist:

As noted on these forums, I recently became bought a new car that I can use both as a daily and for fun. Having said that, my Yaris is very much for sale.

I'd love to find a buyer for everything as it sits and I'm going to increase efforts to do so.

I'm asking $5,000 for the entire lot picked up and would consider delivering within a reasonable distance from Northeast Ohio. Everything listed is in USED condition and NOTHING is available for part out yet. Do not call dibs, it won't net anything.

I am of the opinion that I have things priced to sell so no lowball offers. I do not need to sell this vehicle. I'd like to. If I can't find an amicable situation I may just keep it and finish it, although I already have one quick hatch and don't see the need to own two.

I'm not going to be providing pictures here because it would take a TON of time to dig through almost 10 years of pics. I'm trusting that my car is well-known enough in these circles to where that isn't needed for initial interest. If you have SERIOUS interest, PM me your phone number and I will be happy to discuss this one-on-one and send you a more complete breakdown of what is included including detailed pictures.

I'd greatly appreciate any referrals as well. Maybe you aren't the right buyer but you know someone that is in the market for a build-ready turbo project. That is this situation.

I'd also be open to a buyer interested in the original, turbocharged car. I can put this back together and am happy to, but I'd like to have a buyer lined up before I go through the trouble

Thanks!!! A rough, detailed description of what is included is below. Note that I am more than happy to be upfront about the condition of any and all parts listed.

2007 Toyota Yaris, delivered June 2006, about 70K miles on the chassis. Bought it from the factory with the TRD suspension which is still on the car.

First off, car was never in a major accident. Hit a deer dead on at one point but was covered by insurance and repaired at a local shop I trust. Frame is straight. Deer just busted some headlight tabs and the front bumper and core support for the radiator, but all were fixed to as-new condition. The car saw significant miles after that hit without any incidents. During repair the car also got a custom Civic SI blue/sea green/black side stripe that stops on the back hatch.

Car is stripped to the firewall right now and the interior is stripped from the front seats back minus the structural support below the rear seats which I left in for rigidity. Everything is in good shape and the car was in running order when I began the teardown. Just to clarify, I had every intention of building the car and actually had a built motor ready to swap but I started a business mid-build and don't have the time to finish it. I bought a Golf R as a daily that I could take to the track and want the Yaris out of my garage ASAP, hence the fire sale price. It's in my R's spot!

Turbo kit is the last existing ZPI kit of two made. The other was destroyed in a wreck. ZPI is now defunct. I put around 35K on the car with the turbo. 14B turbo, generic FMIC, external 42mm TIAL wastegate, HKS SSQV BOV. Ran a 7 pound spring in the wastegate. Dynoed out at 150 WHP on a Mustang dyno on the stock motor. Best run in a quarter was 14.9@93MPH. The only mod to the motor was the addition of injectors from the first gen Scion tC. Only real incidents were that the car kept wanting to blow pipes loose on the hot side, so I eventually tossed the couplers and worm gears that came with the kit and went with Turbonetics couplers and t-bolts throughout. After that the car had zero major issues. I suspect the synchros were probably beginning to go, but that comes with the territory on a hard-driven Yaris as we all know.

The car also would include a set of custom-made HID projector headlights with gunmetal housing. The paint has since began to bubble on one of the shrouds so the next owner would have to crack the lenses and repaint, but the lights worked fine. I paid $600 for the custom work. They also have a multi-shade blue/purple/green LED halo.

Other parts include:
10 piece ARTO-style widebody kit
15" Konig Heliums in flat black
JDM TRD 3 pod gauge cluster (mounts above steering wheel, needs modified for LHD cars)
NST pulley set
NST engine side short shifter
Custom shortened stick
Various Turbonetics couplers and t-bolts (more than enough for the entire system)
Greddy Emanage blue
Original motor - 35K non-turbo miles, 35K turbo
Original trans
Clazzio leather seat covers with suede inserts
Micro Image grill insert

All hardware from the teardown was bagged and labeled.
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